Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How to peacefully fight back against corporations and NWO.

Well, you already asking yourself what can I do? In deed you can a lot.

1- Don't watch TV, especially news & science channels, but if you really have to, than choose wisely, something with a positive info.
Don't watch TV  


A movie made 30 years ago that perfectly describes the situation today about television, news, and the main stream media. It resonates louder and sounds truer today that it did when the movie was made.

2- If you have a gasoline car than don't buy your gas at BP, EXXON and other big oil corporations. If you can afford it get a electric or hydrogen car. If you can't than get as smallest car as you can and use it only if needed. If possible don't use toll roads.

3- Don't eat at McDonald's, KFC's and other big food chains, that sells Tyson chicken.

4- If possible get rid of natural gas and electricity in your house, be self sustained and get your self a solar panel or wind mill.

5- Don't fly airlines, for ones so you want get naked body scan, which cause cancer and additionally register your biometrics in a Global computer. If possible take a train or bus.

6- Don't buy newspapers, got to a library and read about history or other things that you may find interesting.

7- Use Internet and search for true information, at least you will have both sides of the fens.

8- Forget about manufactured War on Terror and never send your kids to a war for profit.

9- Use your cellphones wisely and get rid of your ipods and xboxes, instead read books that will teach you about everything.

10- Don't buy things that are advertised by Media and Big Corporations.

11- If you have your money at Bank of America, Chase, J.P.Morgan or other mega banks, withdraw and open an account in another, smaller bank.

So, are you getting a picture yet...this is the way to fight back against big corporations, that are taking control of all governments and applying their fascist agenda of the New World Order.
If you have any ideas just let me know so we can update the list.

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