Sunday, January 24, 2010

Morgan Freeman on the payroll of the globalists

Is Morgan Freeman out of movie business or is he the front face for scientists?

It is very easy to put a celebrity face to lie. Who wouldn't believe a movie star?
This guy is running Wormhole on Discovery Science. What is wrong with this picture? I tell you what. Discovery Science Channel is showing all kinds of crazy stuff lately.
Not long ago they talked about spraying sulfur into the atmosphere to prevent global warming, but as a last resort case. But is it?
Lets talk about chemtrails...
Aren't they spraying heavy metals into the atmosphere to prevent global warming?
Now they got Morgan Freeman talking about "The Dark Side of the Universe", wormholes and stuff like that. They don't want to destroy the Earth anymore, now they want to destroy the Universe!
What kind of bull is that?
Is Morgan Freeman for real or is he on the payroll of the globalist?

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