Saturday, November 12, 2011

End of America - Begin of Fourth Reich

I am dedicating this movie to all Americans who still lives in denial.

There is no war on terror, there is a war on freedom. And it all started with a lie on 9/11/2001. No Arabs attacked your country, you own government did it. Just like Hitler burned down the Reichstag on 27 February 1933 and just like Nero burned down the Rome on July 19, 64 AD. You folks are living in NAZI Germany, you are living in Roman Empire. By now you should see it, but if not this film will help you to understand. USA needs an enemy to hold their agenda, which is business of war. The elites that are in power are using your country to stir everyone into World War III, which is also called Religion War. Why is it called this way? Well just like the name says it is going to be a war based on religion. That is why we have a war on terror. It is to bring hate between Christians and Arabs, which will finally lead to WW3. It is up to you my fellow Americans to STOP supporting "war on terror", so we can all prevent this terrible disaster, which is right around the corner. The elites are counting on your ignorance, so they can bring up their agenda of The New World Order, one world government, one currency, one lucyferian religion and so on. But they need WW3 in order to achieve that. So it is up to you, to stop them. Only you Americans can do that. We in Europe have learned our lesson when Germans attacked us staging false flag and accusing us of attacking them. Will you have to learn this lesson the hard way, or will you learn from the history? Its all up to you and I hope you understand that.



  1. This is so awful that people are manipulated via mass media such a television and papers. And American "government" wants to rewrite The Constitution! as the old one is "bad"... It will be the end of freedom! They're already microchopping people and it's only the beggining.

  2. The American government already did that by writing Patriot Act. That does the job, as now pretty much any law apply to terrorism. They can take you out in the middle of the night and detain for now reason. FEMA camps just waiting to be fill. I am wondering when people are going to wake up? Whether they are going to wake up at all. And am not talking only about Americans but everyone.

  3. I understand but everything seems to have its roots in the US.
    I was watching NYC Wall st. occupation. God bless them.