Message to the pilots

You are not doing this to save the planet, you are destroying it. The big money that you are getting for doing it has blinded you. Those that gave you orders to do this has told you that this is for our good, to save the planet from global warming. Earth has been here for many years, it has its own life, clock and you think you can modify its rhythm by using technology and spraying it with some chemicals. No man has the rights or power to do this. The weather modification its just a side effect and you can only make it worst. By dumping those chemicals from the planes you are poisoning the whole life on the planet, that include your own families and yourself. You are just a tool in the hands of those elites that thinks that they are above the rest of us and they can do anything they want. When they are done with their plan they will get rid of you to, so there is no evidence. There is still time, wake up, open your eyes and say no to this madness.

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